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With over a decade of experience, websites are built ethically in the United States with responsive customer service and a depth of industry knowledge to give your idea the edge.


We have developed a proprietary system that allows you to quickly & easily provide your information and get back to growing your idea.

Helping You Achieve Success


You’ve got a great idea for your business and a true vision for its success, but going out on your own is not easy, and there is so much to do before that vision can become reality. CO DESIGN company understands that and can help make one of the most important parts of your business – your website – one of the easiest for you to manage.

Updating and monitoring website, hosting, and servers

Designed to be responsive on phones, tablets and computers at no extra charge

Image optimization and editing to increase page loading speeds

Basic SEO features to improve website traffic to your website from search engines

Customized to align with your brand and market

Adheres to copyright and trademark regulations

SSL and HTTPS keeps the site secure for you and your site visitors

Domain privacy features installed to protect your information from being published for spammers and solicitors that can waste valuable time


We will organize all of the information you submit and create a highly functioning design with user experience at the forefront.


Once designed, we will build out the website using best practices and the highest standards for optimal website performance and results.


Using computer programming expertise, we bridge the back end build of the website with software, code, hosting, and design maintenance.


We will monitor your website and servers, and perform maintenance to make sure your website is functioning properly.

Is CO DESIGN company a good fit for my company? (and other frequently asked questions)

CO DESIGN company is built to serve people who are trying to create something new or are trying to reinvent a previous idea or business. There is no limit to who we will serve. You bring your ideas, we help bring them to life.

How much will a website cost?

Websites start at $579 for the design and build and $59 per month for hosting, server, and email maintenance. Packages go up in price from there depending on your needs, or add on to any package to get exactly what you want.

Think of your website like the house and your hosting like the taxes. We build your house, but you still need to maintain the land the house sits on in order for your house to have a place to exist, the hosting. That land is like the servers and they require maintenance and service that we take care of for you so you can get back to business.


How long does it take for my website to be live?

Once all of your content is submitted it will be either 21 days or 30 days (depending on the package you selected) until your website is ready for the first round of review and edits. From there it will be 7 days after each round of edits* is submitted. Once your rounds of edit(s) are completed you can purchase more updates and continue to edit or we will launch your website and it will be live.

*Rounds of edits are based on the package purchased.

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What if I do not have a logo?

CO DESIGN company offers custom logo creation so you do not have to worry about your logo looking cookie cutter or infringing on copyright laws.

We provide clients with a custom, original logo in a wide and square design, and three file formats (.pdf, .jpeg, .png) at no extra charge so you can promote your brand in any way you can imagine.

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What will I need to submit to start the process?

CO DESIGN company provides comprehensive intake forms for you to provide all of the information you want to include on your website. The forms can also highlight areas you may not have realized you want to feature about your business.

Once you finalize and submit the form you can sit back and relax, we will take it from there. You will receive an email within 21 or 15 days (depending on your package) letting you know your site is ready to be reviewed for edits. From there, we will perform each round of edits within 7 days and either launch your site once rounds of edits are completed, or give you the option to purchase updates and continue to edit.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the design and development process.

What if I need more content to fill my site?

CO DESIGN company offers a content creation feature that will take any limited input you can provide and combine it with research of your industry, target audience, and desired voice to create professional, distinguished content that elevates your brand.

Hard to write an about page about yourself? No problem! Don’t have time to come up with all the reasons why you are the best company to go with? Leave it to us to put it into the right words.

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How do I get quality images for my website?

CO DESIGN company will provide high-quality, copyright-free images based on the package you select. If you need more images than your package provides you can buy extra images to enhance your brand and give visitors a clear snapshot of what you have to offer.

You can purchase images before your website is built to be included from the start or you can add images after the website is built. You also have the option of selecting images from our extensive stock photo membership or having us select the bets images for your brand and website.

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“I tried to create a website on my own for my tech startup and it was way more complicated than I realized to set up and design the site how I wanted it. I finally reached out to CO DESIGN and they knocked it out of the park. Wish I would have done that first!”


“Could not be easier, I purchased a package and a couple add ons. It took me less time to finish the forms than it did to get a hold of the other company just to talk to someone. Gave me so much extra time to work on staffing and securing a loan.”


“We had trouble finding a company we could trust, that wouldn’t build our site and disappear a year later. We found CO DESIGN company in 2012 and haven’t looked back since.”


“Our customers visit our website from their phones, desktops, and iPads. We needed the site to function on all three and they delivered the design and user experience we needed to keep our customers coming back to us.”


“My partner and I had started other businesses and it was hard to find a website company that would do everything we needed. We wanted to spend time growing our new idea, not designing logos, and creating online contact forms. CO DESIGN took over and allowed us to do what we do best. Run companies.”

– Dave and Koa

“I was taking care of my kids when my baking hobby started to take off. I needed a website to legitimize what I was doing and put the information somewhere so everyone could see what I could do.”


“I have a background in marketing and spent the beginning of my career at a major firm on the West Coast. When I went off on my own, my brand and my image were very important to me. CO DESIGN saw my vision and executed it perfectly.”


Ready to get started?

Looking to customize your website’s design, development or branding?


We offer an a la carte menu of services that will help you market your business at a speed and investment level you’re comfortable with.

CO DESIGN company extra images


Extra Page allows you to add onto your website quickly and easily. If you’ve grown since launching your site, or the package you purchased doesn’t include the number of pages you need for the information you would like to present, we can simply add a page at any time and tailor it to your needs.

CO DESIGN company social media stream


Create a dynamic website page with effortless and constant content changes with the automatic upload of the social media account of your choice. By adding this feature, every time you post on your social media profile the post will be also featured on your website.

CO DESIGN company company naming


Utilizing a team of marketing professionals, you will be given a list of field tested company names. Each of the unique, vetted, and researched names will be taken through the legal ringer making sure your company name will not be the cause of trademark, corporate or creative infringements.

We balance our brand and technology skills to give you the best on screen and behind the scenes results.

Established in 2009, CO DESIGN company was built with a passion for helping people launch their ideas and legitimize their businesses through website design and support. We offer an extensive list of products and around the clock maintenance to make sure you are able to get all of your needs met under one roof, freeing up your time to nurture your idea.

There is no company or idea too small or too large for CO DESIGN company to help. We work with sole founders in the baby phases of their company, to large multi-generational businesses looking to establish themselves in a new way. You create it, we launch it.


All websites are designed and built for optimal performance on desktops, phones and tablets at no extra charge.





GDPR compliance


If any of these terms confuse you than you may be in over your head creating a website on your own.

If any of these terms confuse you then you may be in over your head creating a website on your own.







Don’t settle for a poorly built site that will break.

Don’t settle for a poorly built site that will break.