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EXTRA EMAIL will automatically include EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION at $10/month

An extra email account can provide an email for other employees to safely access the account, to organize the information coming into separate email accounts, or to create specific email usernames so your correspondence looks intentional and professional. We set up the account, brand the signature line, and fine-tune the settings for optimal user experience. Once set up, we will monitor for spam, maintain the servers, and keep storage space blocked off so you do not have to constantly delete emails for more space.

Some popular username examples: admin@, name@, companyname@, customerservice@, department@, etc.

  • Shared online calendars and syncing through Microsoft across all your devices.
  • Data security and spam filtering
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • 10 GB of storage so you do not have to delete emails to make room

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